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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Letter from a soldier to people

[Original Post in Burmese - Niknayman's blog]

I am an army engineer from Division (905). Captain Ye Win Aung from my army division is forcing everyone in our division to recruit new soldiers. If we are not successful in our recruitment, he threatens to re-deploy us from well-paid positions at the base camp to other places. On top of that, he also demands that we must recruit at least one new soldier per month. We have also been given strict orders to recruit even underage kids, beggers, and homeless people by either offering them money or capturing them by force. Hence, everyone of us in the division are feeling miserable about having to carry out such acts. Those army personnel who are close to obtaining pension, are especially worried that they might be punished if they did not carry out the orders.

I am writing this letter to you so that the people will be informed about our predicament in the army.

There is a rumor that Than Shwe may retire

[Original Source in Burmese - ko moethee zun's blog]
Translated by TL

From the circle of SPDC, there is a frequent rumor that Than Shwe, Maung Aye and Shwe Man may retire from the Army. In Burma, rumor often turns into truth. It is possible that Than Shwe, Maung Aye and Shwe Man want to retire from the Army. It is because they have stolen enough. But they still worry. So as long as they remain in power, they will do something to guarantee their property. And they also have to think about how to trick the civilians into having trust in them. General Ne Win took off this army uniform and gave up his power to the civilian cloth-wearing Ne Win.

Therefore, they will shift their power but they will try to make sure that their power is always safe. They will hold onto the power in some other forms. They will leave their places to Thein Sein and Tin Aung Myint. They will create a branch like Army Counsel and control the army from the top. Thein Sein and Tin Aung Myint are younger generations but not much effective. They are not very knowledgeable. They are extreme conservative, grapping onto the traditional policies. According to the tradition of Burmese Army, the generals float in the air like smoke-filled fire balloon as long as they are in power. They may dream of getting onto the moon but they have no individual talent.

As soon as they take off their uniforms, the generals drop to the bottom like a rock. It has been very obvious in the history. Let's take a look at Tin Oo, Bo Ni, Saw Myint, Ne Win, Saw Maung, Khin Nyunt, etc. None of them have a good ending when they lose their power. When Ne Win was powerful, the Army called him "Father". His portray was posted in every government office and in the army. Now, his pictures cannot be found even in the army museum. Saw Maung had the same ending. Now, it is time for Than Shwe to go down. He kicked out Ne Win very aggressively. Those who will kick off him will be those generals who call him "God". It is not too long from now when we will see Than Shwe lose his power and end up in history miserably like his predecessors.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tun Naing Shwe, Than Shw's oldest son

[Original Source in Burmese - niknayman's blog]
Translated by TL

He has business but he is the poorest among all children of Than Shwe. But his properties are 12 mansions, J Donuts shops, My Milk restaurants, and many other import/export contracts. About 35% of these property belongs to him while the rest to Burmese-born Chinese. They are business partners.

His other businesses are Dim Sum foodshops, import from Thailand (Queen Orange Juice Concentrates), nightclubs (Dream Jelly J-J), Karaoke-attached Thai restaurants and many others. No only in Burma, he also has business in China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Moreover, Tun Naing Shwe does business with his former friend, Joseph Khin Maung Thein (son of Oo Aung Thein). They own J&J company together. Joseph manages Tun Naing Shwe's business in Thailand while his sister, Clara, manages those in China.

All these business are due to the power of his father, Than Shwe and are funded by the income exploited from Burma's natural resources.

There is no benefit to the civilians. The businesses are run on labor of the Burmese people. Therefore, we should turn our back on the business owned by Than Shwe's family, Tun Naing Shwe and their partners.

Special Announcement from the Golden Color Revolution

[Original Source in Burmese - ko moethee's blog]
Translated by TL

To our colleagues inside Burma and abroad who are fighting democracy and freedom in Burma,

The United States government has more plans to prosecute and punish the SPDC-affiliated infrastructure. Please send to the Golden Color Revolution the information about the infrastructure, which will be put on trial. The following is a list of those who destroyed the property of our civilians.

Htoon Myint Naing or Steven Law
Nan Sein Naung (wife of Htoon Naing Myint)
Law Sis Han
Michael Moe Myint
Ohmar Moe Myint (wife of Moe Mint)
SiThu Moe Myint (currently studying at North Carolina Univerity)
Phone Kyaw Moe Myint (currently studying at North Carolina Univerity)
Aung Ko Win or Saya Kyaung
Nan Than Htay (wife of Aung Ko Win)
Nan Lan Khan (daughter of Aung Ko Win)
Nan Mo Hone (daughter of Aung Ko Win)
Oo Eik Tun
Sandar Tun (daughter of Oo Eik Tun)
Aung Zaw Naing (Son of Oo Eik Tun)
Mi Mi Khaing (daughter of Oo Eik Tun)
Max Zaw Zaw
Htay Htay Khaing (wife of Max Zaw Zaw)
Win Aung (Dagon International)
Moe Mya Mya (wife of Win Aung)
Ei Hin Pwint or Chistabelle Aung (daughter of Win Aung)
Thaya Ni Aung or Christropher Aung (second son of Win Aung)
Ei Hin Khaing or Christina Aung (forth daughter of Win Aung)
Oo Than Tun (Myanmar Golden Star Co. Ltd. Crusher Drinks, Tun Foundation Bank)
Maung Oat
Maung Oat's wife and children (name unknown)
Nay Win Tun (Pa O ethnic)- Ruby Dragon Jade & Gem Co Ltd
Win Myint (UMFCCI)
Win Myint's wife and children (names unknown)
Chit Khaing (Eden Group)
Aung Myint (Mother Trading Company Ltd)
Oo Kyaw Myint (Golden Flower Company)
Shwe Than Lwin Kyaw Win
Min Min Aung (Silver Wave Energy)

The united States Government wants to know the following facts of the individuals mentioned above.
date of birth
height and shape
education level
wife, children and their names

What kind of selfish people!
These individuals are exploiting the economy in Burma with the military government. They monopolize the whole market, getting rich rapidly but not with their talent nor with their good faith from the previous lives. Democracy cannot get along with these kinds of selfish business people and monopolized economy, which will prolong the military government. Their loyalty to the SPDC is disloyal to the civilian and the country. Please let us know if you have any information about these individuals

Emails to contact

Latest News about Sandar Win

[Original source in Burmese - ko moethee's blog]
Translated by TL

U Ne Win's massion at AD road has been locked up. Daw Sandar Win, daughter of Ne Win, former general, has been placed at the service quarter. Her hair turns white, and she is so thin to be 80 lb in weight. This news comes from Golden internet.

Burma's Army out of idea

[originial source in Burmese - ko moethee's blog]
Translated by TL

There is army recruitment in the United States. Also in Thailand. Their method is to place ad in the newspaper. There are many benefits if they join the army. In U.S, after serving in the army for three years, they can go to the universities of their choice free of charge. A friend of mine won DV lottery and immigrated to US, and then he joined the army. He gets salary and also goes to school. Let's have a look at our Burmese Army.

In Burmese Navy, as soon as they approach the port, they have to recruit at least two people. If they can't, they are not allowed to come back to the ship. Then they grab anyone they could find. They force everyone, including beggar (who sleeps under a tree) by asking whether you want to join the army or go to jail. Who want to go to jail!

Everyone has to join the army. Then they still don't have to enjoy life. They have to do everything on the ship like hard labor mopping the floor and cleaning the bedrooms. If they resist, they will be beaten. How rude! Let me share my personal experience. About 6 months ago. My ferry did not take me back home so I had to get off at Shwe Gone Dine traffic light. It was a little after midnight. There was no bus at the bus-stop. Police on the motorcycle came and asked me whether I wanted to go home. I apologized. But they tried to arrest me. Then I planned to go home with a car I could find. Then the police asked me again why I did not go home before. Then they asked me where I lived. Then I apologized again. Not long after, there was a person who walked past in front of me.

They seemed to know him. Then they asked him whether he did not want to go home and he wanted to come with them. Then they arrested him and took him away. I was so afraid that I jumped on a car and rode to Thiriminaglar market and then back to Insein.

Burmese Navy has been taking away people for so long. It was when I picked containers at Thilawa Port. Porters from BoAung Kyaw Port came in equivalence of 10 people for one container.

On that day, custom officer gave us such a hard time that it became too late into dark. There was nothing to eat at Thilawa Port. So they had to go back to Kyaik Kauk for meal. Then no one decided to eat. When the port closed, everyone had to sleep outside. I let the ten-wheeler's driver know and slept on its roof. In the morning, I heard that people were taken away to be forced to work as porters. Then labor leader came and said that his men were gone and I had to take responsibility. How could I find them if they are not in prison? It is hard to find out which branch of the army took away these people. It is not a residential area. It is very disgusting work that the Burmese army is doing.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sit Thwe Aung stabbed

[source - Moethee Zun's blog]

16th January 2008 (Wednesday)

It has been learnt that Sit Thwe Aung, son of Minister U Aung Phone, Ministry of Forests was stabbed in a local night club. He was stabbed at close range by an unidentified person. U Aung Phone has two sons, Sit Thwe Aung and Sit Taing Aung. They are believed to be from the Shwe Man clique.

Shwe Man’s son Aung Thet Phone and these two brothers are money hungry business entrepreneurs. These newly rich class of businessmen who became rich in this corrupt and crumbling society made money by getting import/export licenses and importing custom duty free goods.
All of them are into women, gambling and drugs.One eye witness told us that a duty conscious citizen did the stabbing because he could no longer suffer the injustices meted out to the people by the SPDC (State Peace and Development Council).

Friday, January 4, 2008

Tun Naing Shwe and Joseph

Tun Naing Shwe and Joseph Khin Maung Thein well known as Joseph and Tun Naing ShweTun Naing Shwe is Than Shwe's son andKhin Maung Thein is the son of U Aung Thein

Joseph was born in Taikkyi, Burma. His wife is from Thailand

Tun Naing Shwe and Joseph were classmates since High School, the time has passed by and they are still like brothers

Tun Naing Shwe and Joseph jointly own: J&J Company which is not in the sanctions list of sanctionU Shwe a jewel smuggler by trade

Hmu Pwel Ser Wayang Pyay means a broker (not even a lawyer) for legal cases either; civil or criminal

Their business in Burma are many;

J-Donuts is a chain of shops nationwide
Many Oriental House Restaurant and Dim Sum again a nationwide chain of restaurants
Queen Orange Juice Concentrates Imported From Thailand
Dream JellyJ-J Night Club
Many Thai Restaurant --Many Karaoke Lounges --Also owns businesses in China, Thailand, and Indonesia like the J&J in Bangkok --

Joseph manages their business in Thailand and Indonesia.Joseph's sister Carol and brother-in-law Richard manage the businesses in China.

Lun Thi, Energy Minister's son Zin Maung Lun and Zar Chi Ko (the Energy Minister's daughter-in-law) now live in Singapore and are moving out their properties from Burma.

Boycott Khit Light Slipper Shop

[Unverified source - through email]

Khit Light Slipper Shop
Involved in Arresting Ko Htin Kyaw.
They sent their staff to Arrest Ko Htin Kyaw.
Khit Light is Located at No.561/4,Maha Bandoola St,Bet 25th & 26th St, PABEDAN, YANGON, Myanmar
Owner of Khit Light is U Tun Aung.

More about U Kyin Pein & U Shwe

[Unverified Sources - From comments' section in blog & email]

U Shwe is the president of Chinese Communists Party in Burma & Kyin Pein is the vice president of Chinese communist Party In Burma.They strongly make Chinese Communist Government to support SPDC since 1988 come & forth to Bejing several times as a liaison.

U Shwe's grand daughter, Thet Yadanar Kyaw Win at Grace Wong, daughter of Shwe Nan Daw gold shops Dr Aung Kyaw Win, live in Yangon and Dr Thet Thet Khaing is a USA green card holder.

U Shwe's grand-daughter's (the 1st Test Tube Baby from Burma) 's Birthday Party was celebrated @ the Trader Hotel attended by Chinese Ambassador to Burma,wives of Shwe Mann,Soe Win, Thein Sein, almost All SPDC Members & other Generals ,Almost All Ministers.

He goes together with Any SPDC Generals or Ministers to Beijing every Trips, including Soe Win ,Khin Nyunt,Thein Sein
He is the owner of SHWE THAZIN CYNDICATE & WAR WAR WIN Bean Factory

He has so many Gold Shops namely


These Gold Shops are managed by his son Dr Aung Kyaw Win .
SHWE THAZIN SYNDICATE is also Linked to (Sister Company of) Yuzana of Htay Myint & Asia World of Law Hsin Han.

U Shwe also owned Jewellery Shops not only In Burma.
These large amounts of Jewel Smuggling are obviously with the Allowance of Than Shwe & His Generals.
He owns jewellery shops in Shanghai,Singapore,many cities of China, Malaysia,Hongkong,Macau.

The opening ceremony of his jewellery shops in Singapore was opened by so many Burmese actors,actress,models.
i heard the name of the shop in Sigapore also named Shwe Nan Daw,
these events were so printed in Myanmar Journals including Myat Khine's Love Journal .

These Jewels from Our Mother land ,Burma are continuously smuggled to his jewelery shops abroad.
i'm still gathering of their information about them.

U Shwe became rich during the Mut-Pel Trade was banned with Life Sentence by General NE WIN.He did illegal sending Mut Pel Smuggling , joined together with Myanmar Chief Socialist Cenral Committe Members( Head Quarter) i.e. Ma Sa La Baho Committee Member by Machine Boats (Set-Hlay) to Singapore.

Kyin Pein & U Shwe are also Involved in Killing,Beating the Monks by Gathering Gangsters & Criminal Guys for SPDC
He is the M.D of Shwe Latha Co,Ltd, & Member of DIRECTORS of Shwe Thazin Syndicate

U Kyin Pein @ Loo Kyin Pein Is Ah Hmu Pwel Ser (BROKER FOR BOTH CRIMINAL & CIVIL CASES EXCEPT THE POLITICAL CASES).He is powerful in All Courts & Police Stations all over Burma. He can make innocent people to Jails & can make notorious people in Jails to free.But he never does political cases.

That's why gathering gangsters to suppress the Monk protest is just a piece of cake for him(very easy for him),He made many innocent people to Jails.He makes the Law of Burma up side down.

He was Born & grown up in China( Lu That & Bane Wayang Pyay) from China ,Escaped to Burma In 1950s together with his colleague criminal gangsters becuase they were warranted *&wanted for Murder & Opium by Chinese Police.His name was not Kyin Pein in China .

U Kyin Pain also spelled as U Kyin Pein, his daughters live in New York, USA.The daughters are:
Tin Tin Yi at Tin Tin Yee
Nwe Nwe Yi at Nwe Nwe Yee
Kyin Hmwe
Myint Myint Yee at Myint Myint Yi,
Dr Moe Moe Yee, Managing Director at Dr Moe Moe Yi. M.D , of a Hospital in N Y ,USA has been granted an USA green card.

He & U Shwe are womenizers ,have so many Burmese wives,& Burmese mistresses(Burmese Keepings)& also open shops together for Ah Hnake Khan, Karoke,Host for Chair 2lone 3lone,Ball together with Army Generals & Khin Yi ,Police Officers.

Kyin Pein,U Shwe& those Chief Militray & Police Officers are also the Joint Owner of Massage Rooms,Karaoke Lounges,the Hosts for 2Digits, 3 Digits,football gambling .

The following beans are exported by Shwe Thazin Syndicate as indicated on their web site : http://www.etrademyanmar.com/STZ/export%20and%20import.htm


Shwe Thazin Syndicate Ltd, Fuji Soap
The Shwe Thazin Syndicate was founded around 1990-1 and is managed by Chairman U Shwe. It has many branches including: Shwe Myanmar International, Shwe Tha Zin Package, Shwe Tha Zin Yuzana, Shwe Tha Zin Investment, Shwe Tha Zin Plastic, Shwe Tha Zin Super Soap and Miwon Shwe Tha Zin.
Its other businesses include Trading, PP Woven Bags, PVC Pipe and High Standard Plastic Seals, the hotel and tourism industry, investment businesses, Fuji-brand soap cream, and international standard sweaters. It also runs Burma Pharmaceutical Industry in cooperation with No 1 Industry Ministry. They produce medicine and Deik U seasoning-powder through an arrangement with the Industry Ministry in which the former supplies the raw materials to the latter and collects the finished product.
Arrangements are underway to establish a paper crockery industry through the purchase of the necessary machinery from China. But it is being held up by a lack of paper, which must be imported.

Company A was founded in 1999. Unilever, one of the largest consumer goods production company, was negotiated with Shwe Tha Zin Syndicate Ltd . for Unilever 's product distribution as a distributor.

In 2001, Unilever was withdraw at Myanmar Market and her operation was totally shutdown.At 2001 October Tawwin Thazin ( Upper Myanmar ) was an Upper Myanmar Distributor of Beauty Palace Co., Ltd. ( A21 Beauty Soap ).At that time, Shwe Tha Zin Syndicate Ltd. and Beauty Palace Co., Ltd. were founded a joint venture Distribution Company Ltd. name was PiONEER Distribution Co., Ltd. , Lower Myanmar Distributor of A21 Beauty Soap.
Now, Upper Myanmar distribution company Tawwin Thazin is still going operate but Lower Myanmar distribution company PiONEER Distribution Co., Ltd. is reform with existing professional experience staffs is called LAWKANAT SYNDICATE Ltd.

Infrastructure of LAWKANAT SYNDICATE Ltd. is very fresh and new but all of the operation staffs are well experience in Direct Distribution and Sub-Distributor Distribution.

U Kyin Pein 's Office :Shwe Latha Co., Ltd.
No.814,Mahabandoola Rd,, LANMADAW, YANGON

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